The Association of North American Chinese Evangelical Free Churches (ANACEFC) is an affiliate of the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) and the Evangelical Free Church of Canada (EFCC).

ANACEFC exists to serve the Chinese Evangelical Free Churches in North America, in partnership with EFCA and EFCC to grow healthy Chinese churches. The Board of Directors consists of members from various Evangelical Free Churches across North America.

Member churches of ANACEFC adopts the Statements Of Faith of either EFCA or EFCC.

Mission of ANACEFC :

  1. Fellowship
  2. Evangelism and
  3. Edification of churches

Current and future focus:

1.            Networking with churches and each director will take care of a cluster of churches

2.            Helping smaller churches to grow healthy

3.            Helping churches to find pastors

4.            Praying for anchor churches in different cities

5.            Church planting of Mandarin churches

6.            Intentionally looking into ways to grow the Second Generation ministries.

7.            Recommending 1% financial giving from member churches.

Current Board of Directors of ANACEFC are:

Chairperson: Elaine Cheng

Secretary: Teresa Gianakakos

Treasurer: Helen Woo

US Church Ministry: Pastor Paul Yang

US Church Planting: David Tsen (also chairman for Itinerant Pastor Project Committee)

Canadian Church Ministry: Helen Woo

Canadian Church Planting : Elaine Cheng